In the 2021-22 Scouting Year, Pack 353 will revert to the standard $235 cost of dues. The following costs are covered by individual dues for August 2021to July 2022 activities ($235 Total):

  • Pack Dues ($170 Total):
    • Advancements ($55 Total):
      • Advancements & Awards
      • Crossover Rank Advancement (Book, Neckerchief & Slide)
    • Scout Individual Fees: ($104 Total)
      • Annual BSA Registration: ($72/yr)
      • Annual Boys Life Subscription ($15/yr)
      • Leader Registration Fees ($17/yr)
    • Pinewood Derby ($7 Total):
      • Pinewood Derby Car
      • Awards (Trophies, Plaques and/or Ribbons)
  • Pack Operating Expenses: ($10 Total)
    • Den Expenses-limited
    • Camp Equipment-suspended
    • Banquets, Camping and Activity Subsidies and Expenses
    • Pack Supplies-suspended
    • Recruiting-limited
    • Pack Website Hosting

NOTE: Newly registered scouts that sign up at the beginning of the school year are also required to pay a pro-rated amount from the $72 annual registration fee, as well as a $25 one-time joining fee in August.  These are the dues for the rest of the current calendar year for BSA registration and a monthly subscription to Boys Life magazine. NONE of these dues stay with the pack.

All other activities and costs are funded by the Scout Account via popcorn sales, other fundraisers or are self-funded (pay as you go).

Obviously, the more popcorn we sell, the more things that can be funded through the Scout Account instead of self-funded throughout the year. This is why we stress the importance of popcorn sales at the beginning of the year. Our pack keeps 30% of the total amount of popcorn money generated. That is an awesome percentage for a fund-raising product. If all of our boys chip in just a little, we can make a huge difference in the quality of our program for the coming year!